Discovering Marine Life Conservation

Program Overview
Students will experience the real life complexities of marine conservation by playing the role of a conservationist to not only reveal the difficulties facing aquatic wildlife but to also be inspired to take an active role in the preservation of marine habitats and marine life.

Learning Outcomes

Sea Turtle Survival
Students participate in an engaging role playing activity where they
“become” sea turtles or other animals that might prey on sea turtle
hatchlings emerging from the nest.
Build a Turtle Excluder Device
Students investigate the principles of by-catch and seafood
sustainability in a practical way. Acting as fishermen and women, they
will design their own turtle excluder device (T.E.D.) while coming to
understand the impact humans have on the oceans.
Animal Identification
Visit the Water Science facility that supports The Seas with Nemo &
Friends and see first-hand the integral role that water quality plays in
the health of marine animals
Students will learn the difference between looking and observing by
participating in a group-based activity focused on identifying the
diversity of fish species in our 5.7 million gallon aquarium. Students will
use their observational skills to identify predators and prey found on
the journey in the East Australian Current at The Seas with Nemo &