Energy and Waves Physics Lab

Program Overview

Students will discover how energy is transmitted by light and sound waves. Participants will also learn how these waves affect the Disney Guest experience and day-to-day life. Additionally, students find out how light and sound can be manipulated.

Learning Objectives

After completing the Energy and Waves Physics Lab, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate a variety of forms of energy
  • Define and demonstrate a compression wave
  • Define a medium
  • Demonstrate and articulate how solids, liquids, and gasses affect sound
  • Articulate the factors that may affect the speed of sound
  • Define acoustics
  • Demonstrate how white light is composed of different colors of light
  • Articulate how different colors of light are made up of different wavelengths
  • Articulate how UV light causes fluorescing in some substances
  • Articulate the factors that can influence the intensity of UV light
  • Demonstrate how scrim is used to create special effects
  • Demonstrate how light can be projected through a lens
  • Demonstrate how light is reflected in glass
  • Articulate the parts of a wave
  • Define and demonstrate frequency
  • Articulate the Pepper’s Ghost effect
  • Articulate how an understanding of acoustics can aid in the creation of sound effects
  • Articulate how an understanding of optics can aid in the creation of light effects

Plan Your Trip

Park Location: Magic Kingdom® Park
Program Length: 3 hours
Program Grade Range: Grades 3 – 12

Download the Program Description Sheet

The program description sheet provides an overview of the experience and the key learning points of the program.

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