Experiencing Synergy in Science 


Program Overview 

Students in grades K-3 will explore how innovators use synergy to drive technological advancements to improve our quality of life. In this 3 hour academic adventure students will be inspired through attraction experiences that demonstrate synergy and team challenges designed to stretch their imaginations to see what they can combine to generate new systems and tools. 

Key Learning Points 

During this interactive field study,

students will: 

Communicate and Collaborate

  • A hands-on activity with building toys helps illustrate the advantages of communicating and collaborating to solve problems
  • Spaceship Earth offers students a synergistic look at various elements that combine to create an informative and entertaining experience
  • With a help from Figment, students discover the unlimited potential and power of their imagination
  • Students come to realize that everything we use every day is the result of a person’s ingenuity to bring an idea or invention to fruition
  • Students experiment with snap circuits and explore synergy in computer technology

Program Description