How Things Move

Program Overview

Inquisitive young learners grades K-2* investigate the science of motion and the different forms of energy at work on popular Magic Kingdom Park attractions. In this 2.5 hour academic adventure students act as designers to develop an attraction concept and model to test the different forms of motion.

*Students must be atleast 5 years old.

Key Learning Points

During this interactive field study, students will:

  • Discover that science helps us learn how and why things move
  • Learn that living and non-living things absorb fuel and change the fuel into a form that

    they can use for energy

  • Fantasyland attractions help illustrate various kinds of movement
  • Investigate the properties of magnetism and its application to transportation
  • Use magnets to discover attraction and repulsion
  • Discover the application and challenges of the laws of physics as they construct a ride model of their own design
  • The Barnstormer starring the Great Goofini takes students high above Storybook Circus on a spiraling stunt plane adventure to discover how their senses can alter their perceptions

Program Description Sheet