Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation

Program Overview

Bring environmental studies lessons to life with this 3-hour program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park. Students in grades 6-12 gain new perspective while discovering how all people and animals are connected, and how each uniquely responds to environmental challenges. Your group will study different cultural perspectives on conservation, challenges to fossil fuels and the human development of renewable energy. Students will work together using their new knowledge to create an effective conservation action plan.

Key Learning Points

During this interactive field study, students will:

  • Discuss challenges to fossil fuel and renewable energy use with regard to human development and consumption.
  • Explore how human decision-making affects animals and the environment.
  • Learn about diversity by acknowledging that conservation involves many people with different beliefs, interests and backgrounds.
  • Develop new directions of thought and become motivated to get involved in conservation in their own lives and communities.
  • Use a problem-based approach to

    createa conservation plan of action with their newfound skills and fresh perspective.

  • Understand the importance of teamwork as an important tool in both conservation and everyday life

Fact Sheet