The Science Behind the Seeds

Program Overview

The Science Behind the Seeds takes students through Living with the Land at Epcot on an interactive exploration of how science, technology, sustainability, and teamwork come together to generate potential solutions to meet the needs of a growing population.

Students will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how plants are propagated, how various hydroponic techniques function to help vegetation grow, and how integrated pest management can protect the flora from pests and diseases, addressing the issue of how to feed the communities of our world’s expanding population.

Key Learning Points

During this interactive exploration, students will:

  • Discover innovative growing techniques to increase yields and learn how to utilize these methods in their own gardens
  • Discuss how various hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems provide the essential ingredients that plants need to grow through hands-on activities
  • Uncover the importance of sustainability—how we can do our own part by increasing efficiency while decreasing water and pesticide usage
  • Learn how different forms of pest management can work together, creating an integrated program to combat troublesome pests
  • Get acquainted with exciting alternative fruits, vegetables, and grains which can diversify our diets and our gardens

Park Location: Epcot
Program Length: 3 hours
Eligible Participants: Grades K – 12

Download the Program Description Sheet