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Save Money on Disney Lodging and Tickets! 

Are you thinking about going to Disney World during the fall break, September 16-24, 2017?
Do you want to save money? Would you like to expose your children to a unique educational experience?

Disney Youth Education Series offers guided, in-park educational field studies with courses in Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts and Leadership Development. Classes are available to elementary,
middle, and high school students. Families will save 24-35% on park tickets for their entire vacation.

We have worked with Marriot and Magical Vacations Travel to get group discounts for hotels during fall break.

The Renfroe Middle School PTA sponsors the classes. The PTA retains 7% of the ticket sales. Since 2013 over 250 Decatur families have participated in Disney Youth Education classes and generated over $6,000 for the PTA. Magical Vacations Travel will donate 5% of the reservations they book.

This year we are going to offer early registration. This will help families who want to receive their tickets earlier so they can start planning their vacation. Late registration people will not receive their tickets until late August.

Early Registration deadline is June 15, 2017.  

Late Registration deadline is August 14, 2017.

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  1. Is the Fall 2016 Registration Form available yet. We’d like to meet the May 16 early bird registration deadline.

  2. I am wanting to register 2 kids for the Friday Fall Break 2016 class. Do you know when forms will be up to fill out? Thanks!

    1. I’m still waiting for final confirmation on the Friday class. I talked to Disney and they did see a problem, but I have not received the official email.

  3. Hi Steve, Looking forward to Fall break 2016! When will you start looking at the classes available and taking payments, I know of one other family also interested in going. Trying to figure out our budget for the trip. Thanks!!

    1. I’m still waiting on Disney to confirm the classes. The ticket prices on this website are the prices for the fall.

  4. My son is a rising 2nd grader. I saw your comment about a “How Things Move” course for K-2 but don’t see that on the “Classes” page. Is that course being offered in September or just the “Experiencing Synergy in Science” class?
    Also what’s the best way send in payment? Drop a check in USPS or can we still drop it off at Renfroe now that it’s summer break?

    1. How Things Move was done in 2013. This year we are doing the classes in Epcot and the only K-2 class that is available is Synergy in Science.

      Mailing a check or dropping it off at Renfroe is fine. Staff is at the middle school durring the day.

  5. My son will be a third grader. He is the only child. I see that there are several classe being offered. Can you confirm which classes are offered to third graders?

  6. I saw on the early bird registration form that the parent doesn’t have to travel with their child- they will have a chaperone. If we choose to send our ( will be next school year ) 5th grader, what do we do about accommodations? We can chaperone if necessary. Thanks very much !

    1. Parents or someone needs to be responsible for your child. The chaperoning is only for the class. Lodging, food, and travel are the responsibility of the family.

      1. Great! We have booked our hotel for that week and look forward to this! Let me know if you need any help with planning the trip for fall.

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