Everyday Chemistry 101


Program Overview 

Students in grades 4-5 will travel through Futureworld to identify elements of the Periodic Table, study polymers, and see chemical reactions happening all around them. In this 3 hour academic adventure a visit to Mission: Space® will help uncover the relationship between chemistry, space exploration and technology. This program was developed in conjunction with the Education Division of the American Chemical Society

Key Learning Points 

During this interactive field study, students will:

  • Learn the properties of elements, how they react with one another, and how different combinations can create substances for a variety of uses
  • Learn that chemistry is happening around us all the time.
  • Learn that everything in the world, whether natural or human-made, is composed of one or more of about 100 elements
  • Are introduced to the versatile elements of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen
  • At Ellen’s Energy Adventure attraction, students gain knowledge of the interconnectivity of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in the formation of energy that keeps us moving, working, and playing.
  • Learn the role of photosynthesis in their everyday lives
  • Understand the chemical make-up of objects
  • Gain an appreciation of fossil fuels as a limited resource
  • Construct a model of a polymer
  • Discover three classifications of polymers
  • Will discover that chemistry can aid in producing substitutes for limited resources, reduce Waste, and improve efficiency
  • Examine how chemistry is at work for humankind everyday
  • Are introduced to solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels

Program Description