Introduction to Global Citizenship

Program Overview
Students grades 4-9 will explore the cultures of several nations represented within Epcot’s World Showcase where students will interact with international ambassadors to gain an understanding of how technology, communication and commerce bridge cultural gaps. In this 3 hour academic adventure students discover that while cultures vary, we all united in a global community.

Key Learning Points
During this interactive field study, students will:

  • Students will define culture
  • Students will discover that communication is key to learning about other cultures
  • Students to learn how an individual’s background and experiences form a cultural filter that affects their perception and receptivity of differing cultural ideas and ways of life.
  • Students discover cultures live and change due to internal and external pressures
  • Students examine assimilation, accommodation, and displacement of cultures
  • Through the Gate of the Golden Sun, students enter China for a hands-on exploration of two unique cultures.
  • Students will discover how available resources can influence the development of culture
  • Students will gain further insights into how individual perception can influence the understanding of a culture
  • Students will be introduced to another culture through a meet and greet with a World Showcase Representative
  • Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain further insight into a culture that may be perceived as different
  • Students discover that many traditions believed to be unique have roots in other cultures
  • Students will identify barriers to cultural diffusion
  • Students will discover the impact of technology in the breaking down and building up of cultural barriers
  • A visit to The American Adventure attraction gives students the opportunity to experience the challenges and benefits of a culturally diverse nation.
  • Students will discover that the strength of the United States comes from the diversity of the people who call it home
  • Students will articulate the common bonds of culture as discovered throughout the day’s experience
  • Students learn the role that they can play in our global community and how as a responsible global citizen they can break down cultural barriers

Program Description