Kingdom Keepers Quest


The Kingdom Keepers Quest involves problem-solving, visualization, observation, creativity, math skills, language arts, and critical thinking. Solutions will come faster with multiple students (five students per group is recommended) working to solve puzzles  — just as the Keepers do in the first book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark.

In the Kingdom Keepers book series, five teenagers — Finn, Charlene, Philby, Willa and Maybeck — who served as models for the Disney Hologram imaging park holograms, enter the parks, usually at night, and do battle with the Overtakers (The Disney Villains) for control of the Disney Parks. Finn and the Kingdom Keepers must grow their team, adding Keepers. You are in consideration to join as a Keeper.

Wayne, who is an original Disney Imagineer (and was once friends with Walt Disney himself) helps the Kingdom Keepers in their battles with the Overtakers. Wayne designed the Kingdom Keepers Quest to grow increasingly more difficult the further along you go so that the Overtakers would not be able to solve the puzzles and stop you from completing the Quest. Finish the Kingdom Keepers Quest and YOU will join the Kingdom Keepers in protecting the Disney Parks.

Finn, Charlene, Philby, Willa and Maybeck look forward to welcoming you to the team. Good Luck!

Quest I takes guest throughout the Magic Kingdom® Park, and Quest II takes Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park.


The Kingdom Keepers Quest was written by Ridley Pearson, author of the Kingdom Keepers book series. We recommend, but do not require, that your child read Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark as events in the book are referenced and used during the Quest.

Cost is only an additional $12.50 per group per Quest.

Key Learning Points

This engaging interactive experience for young learners will involve:

  • Problem solving
  • Visualization
  • Observation
  • Creativity
  • Math skills
  • Language arts
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork skills
  • Communication
  • Reading comprehension