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Save Money on Disney Lodging and Tickets! 

Are you thinking about going to Disney World during the fall break, September 15-23, 2018?
Do you want to save money? Would you like to expose your children to a unique educational experience?

Disney Youth Education Series offers guided, in-park educational field studies with courses in Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts and Leadership Development. Classes are available to elementary,
middle, and high school students. Families will save more than 25% on park tickets for their entire vacation.

We have worked with Magical Vacations Travel to get group discounts for hotels during fall break.

The Renfroe Middle School PTA sponsors the classes. The PTA retains 7% of the ticket sales. Since 2013 over 250 Decatur families have participated in Disney Youth Education classes and generated over $8,000 for the PTA. Magical Vacations Travel will donate 5% of the reservations they book.

Registration deadline is June 15, 2018.

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    1. I will set up the fall 2018 classes soon. I need to schedule with Disney, then I’ll update the website.

      ~ Steve Bloom

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