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How will the crowds be February? President’s Day Week and Mardi Gras week are moderately crowded times at Disney. If these two weeks occur in the same week, the crowds will be high. In 2020, CSD break is President’s Day Week. Mardi Gras is the following week.

How will the crowds be September? September is one of the slowest times at Walt Disney World. Most school systems have just started their school year.  Most schools that take a fall break, do not have their break until October.

Is there be any kind of group discount eligibility on room rates as well? Not yet.  Trying to work out something for the February trip. For more information go to the Lodging Page.

Would other families be interested in chartering a bus for group transportation? Good question. We can check into this if there is enough interest. All families would have to agree on travel dates. In the past, there was not enough interest in charting a bus.

What is the minimum number of days (and max) for participation in the educational programs? The Disney Youth Program is now only allowing the group to order two types of tickets. 4-day and 5-day tickets are available.

Are the tickets different than what you buy directly from Disney? Slightly. The Youth Education ticket expires a week after the classes occur. Children and adults are the same price. The tickets have all the benefits of tickets directly from Disney.

What is the cost of the trip per person?  It all depends. You can find hotels outside of Disney for less than $50, or spend $500 on a deluxe room at Disney.

Do I have to attend the class with my child?  Maybe. Children under 7 need to have their own chaperone. Otherwise, Disney requires 1 adult chaperone for every 5 students. If you can and want to chaperone please indicate on the registration form.

Does my child have to attend a City of Decatur School?  No. Any family going to Disney World during the break is welcome to join the group as long as the student is the correct age.

What happens if there are not enough students to make a full class?  Disney requires a minimum of 10 students per class. If we do not have enough students for each class, we will work with Disney to see if we can combine the classes to have a sufficient number of students. The worst-case scenario is we would return your money and not have the classes. We have never needed to cancel a trip.

What happens if there are too many students registered?  We have classes reserved for 50 students. If we get more than 50 students in the different classes we will work with Disney to see if they can support a larger group. Worst case scenario, only the first 50 students will be permitted in the class and we would return your money.

What if we need more adult tickets?  Disney allows one extra ticket with each student ticket purchased. It is likely there will be other families who will not need the maximum number of tickets. Make a request for the total number of tickets and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What if we do not need park tickets?  If you already have park tickets you can still register your child. We just need to order a minimum number of tickets to match the number of students registered for all the classes. Assuming most families will want to take advantage of the discounted tickets we should be able to accommodate students who have alternative tickets. Park tickets are required for all classes.

How do students get to their classes?  An adult will need to bring the student to the park entrance before the class starts. Classes that start after park opening, the meeting place will be inside the park.

When will we get our park tickets?  Tickets will be ordered the day after the deadline. It will take up to three weeks for Disney to process the order and ship the tickets. Tickets will be distributed as soon as they arrive in Decatur.



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